The Unveiling of Karamat

Well, here I am.  I have entered the blogsophere.

This past weekend I attended the Society of Professional Journalists’ annual national conference.  Many of the sessions focused on new media and how to use the web as a reporter.  I decided after the third session where the panelist showed us their blog and gave examples of how they used it in news gathering, I needed a blog.  So here it is.

An explanation of the name.  There are very few people who can properly spell my name.  I have even found out that some of the promotion people at my station (where I have worked for 7 years) cannot spell it correctly, or check it before it goes on air.  So, I get lots of misspelled mail, calls from people who cannot pronounce my name and people who would rather just call me Kara.

A couple of years ago, I covered a story about how fire destroyed the Red Cross building in North Conway, NH.  I received a card to thank me for the story as they received many donations after the story aired.  But they must not have known my name and whomever called didn’t ask for a spelling.  I got a letter addressed to: Caramat Azooski.  There you have it.

I look forward to entering this wild world.  And I hope from time to time I can turn to you as I develop stories.  Thanks for the support!


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