Rob Caldwell Makes It Big… Again

Rob Caldwell, one of the anchors of WCSH 6’s 207 show, has done some pretty monumental interviews.  He has interviewed heads of state, rock stars, authors and in the past few months two very high profile politicians.

In February, Rob interviewed President Bill Clinton while Mr. Clinton was in Maine stumping for his wife.  The 207 crew got a tip that the former president was going to be at Becky’s Diner, so they went down there and sure enough, Mr. Clinton walked in and mingled with diners.  Rob got a one-on-one interview while sitting at the counter.  Because Mr. Clinton had been chastised for previous comments he made during his wife’s run for President, he had been staying mum.  Not with Rob.

The interview ended up on every national show and network.  Rob ended up making several appearances, including on MSNBC with Maine native, Contessa Brewer.

Well, Rob has done it again.

On Wednesday, Rob interviewed Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain via satellite.  Rob talked with him for 8 minutes, asking very pointed questions.  The full interview was posted on my station’s websites and there have been at least 380,000 hits.  Several media outlets have linked to Rob’s interview and it has become part of debate, based on McCain’s answers.

If you want to check it out, go to or and search McCain.  You can join the millions of others who have already watched it.


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