People, It’s All About People

“People, people, people… It’s all about people, people.”  Chris Facchini, WLBZ 2/WCSH 6

He’s right.  It’s what makes the world go round.  As much as we pay attention to the stock market, the world economy, health care and everything else, life is truly about people.

While I report about the economy, taxes, health care and other associated topics, it’s the people behind the stories that intrigue me.  It’s why I got into this business.  I wanted to meet and talk with PEOPLE.  And I have met some amazing ones.

Sure, I’ve met singers, authors, politicians.  But I’ve also met cancer survivors, volunteers, teachers — the people who also make the world go round.  And it’s that second group that sticks with me.

A couple of years ago I met a young boy named Josh Conley.  Josh was fighting cancer with a HUGE smile on his face.  He had a tough, tough fight, but kept his head up and spirits high.  He beat it — twice.  And is still smiling.

This week, I got to meet Nelson Durgin.  He is one of this year’s 2 Those Who Care award winners.  Nelson volunteers for several agencies, works full time as the executive director of a retirement facility and is a husband, father and grandfather.   His dedication, selflessness and thoroughness is amazing and serves as an inspiration for others.

Today, I’m hosting the United Way annual campaign kick off at Bass Park in Bangor.  I know I will again meet the people who help this world go round.

So while there’s lots of concern about our economy, the housing market, the stock market and everything else, take a step back and look at the PEOPLE around you.  Hopefully it will brighten your spirits a little.


One response to “People, It’s All About People

  1. And people don’t understand why I enjoy doing these 2TWC pieces and even Teens Who Care pieces so much. This is why, these people inspire me and give me a different way to look at life, I’m glad you’re like me. 🙂

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