NKOTB — not so kid-like anymore

So I have to admit, I’m going to the New Kids On The Block Concert next weekend.  My best friend bought her, myself and another girlfriend of ours tickets.  I also have to admit, I was never a fan.  But this is going to be fun.  Three married 30-year-olds, one of whom is 6 months pregnant, going to a NKOTB concert deserves some laughs.

In preparation of the big night, my husband bought the new record — do they call them that anymore? — on iTunes.  I listened to it at the gym tonight and was shocked at the lyrics.

Let’s take a look at “Lights, Camera Action”:

“You go hit the lights, I’ll set up the camera
Let’s get to the action

I’ve been thinking about this for some time
I got a freaky temptation burnin’ deep inside

You say the strip’s already rolling
And the bedroom is the set
I hope you know your lines ’cause one take is all we get”

OK, so now we’re celebrating videotaping what happens in the bedroom.

What about “Sexify My Love”?:

“Girl, don’t be shy, you’re looking so fly,
Tonight I wanna try every position we can dream of
All over the house, workin’ that thing, girl, makin’ you shout
Take it fast, slow, do it like a pole slide, all the ways to get low, low…”

Whatever happened to “Hangin’ Tough?”, “Step By Step”, “The Right Stuff”?  Guess these boys grew up.  Glad I’m not a teenage girl listening to this… imagine the ideas I would get.


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