Social Media is… well.. social

We hear about how much Facebook and Twitter can help promote your business, connect you with clients, and find new jobs.  But they started as social mediums — and they still are.

Throughout the week, my updates include posts about stories I’m working on; information from the state; updates on Barack Obama’s new cabinet.  I generally keep them business orientated, because, in the work place, that’s the best use of them.  But, as much as my husband would argue, I’m not always working.

Last night, I was in Portland for the annual Merry Madness (both merry and madness) and was reminded that the original purpose of these sites is to connect with friends.

As I wandered down the streets of the Old Port with Emilie Sommer (@emilieinc) and J Sandifer (@jsandifer), I got a text from Jeff Inglis (@jinglis) saying he saw my Twitter/Facebook updates and wanted to find out if we wanted to join him and his wife for dinner.  After some more shopping, we ended up meeting up in one of the local restaurants and had a great time.

So, as much as we now all use these sites for business and diversifying ourselves, remember, it’s social, too.  So every once in awhile, throw some fun in there.


One response to “Social Media is… well.. social

  1. Yes, it was very fun! I enjoyed texting you after seeing your status, and am glad we got to meet up!

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