What tools do you use?

When I decided to become a journalist, the only way we got the news was through the newspaper, the radio and the television.  Boy, have times changed.

This morning, Maine State Police closed down a section of Interstate 95 in Orono to remove an oil truck that had crashed into the median.  We didn’t have a newscast for another hour, and by then the road was supposed to be re-opened.  But in the meantime, people were going to be driving that stretch of road and if they knew it was closed, they might be able to avoid it.

The first thing I did was get on our website and post a story in the “Breaking News” section.  That way a red bar appears at the top of our website alerting everyone who visits the site. (www.wlbz2.com)

Next, I got onto our text alert site and sent out both a text message and e-mail to people who subscribe to the service. (http://www.wlbz2.com/weather/resources/text_alert/default.aspx?menuid=32)

I then posted the update on my Twitter account (www.twitter.com/karamat) which also updates my facebook page, alerting all of my “followers” and friends.

After all of that, I wrote a script for the noon news.  Just in time for the road to be re-opened.

What other tools would you suggest I use to get word out?  I’m always looking for new ways to spread the news.


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