What do you think you remember?

On Sunday, my husband, brother, and I went to the Boston Museum of Science.  My husband had never been, and the Harry Potter exhibit was still there, so we all decided it would be a fun trip.

We had a great time.  In fact, so great, we spent nearly 9 hours there.  Not just at the Harry Potter exhibit, but throughout the museum’s halls.  We went to a lightning show, I walked amongst free-flying butterflies, we found out about our genes, and saw images how much trash is produced in different scenarios.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day.

But throughout the day, my brother and I kept reminiscing to many, many years ago.  See, when we were younger, we spent a lot of time in the museum.  A lot.  We did school projects in the museum’s library.  We saw every special exhibit — sometimes during the members’ opening.  We took our friends there and showed them around like we owned the place.

But it wasn’t until Sunday that I found out my brother, when we were younger, was scared of the lightning show.  And he didn’t remember the Mathmatica display which hasn’t changed in oh… 20 years.  (He is 6 years younger than me, though.)

On the ride home, with my husband silent in the backseat, my brother and I went through every elementary school teacher we had.  We could name every single one.  And we can both tell you which ones we liked, and which ones we didn’t.  But we won’t.

Over the years, my brothers (there’s another one in the family) and I have become much better friends than we were when we were growing up.  But even when I talk with them, I still picture them as they were when I left for college.  It’s funny how your brain will do that.

So while I may not be able to remember what I had for lunch yesterday — IF I had lunch yesterday — the memories from childhood are still right there.  But now, years later, I’m learning even more about those memories.

What are your favorite childhood memories?


One response to “What do you think you remember?

  1. I love that musuem! Haven’t been there in years. We went for school field trips. I loved the geology collection. Think that was where I got my first specimen, at their gift shop, a small piece of tiger eye. Now I’ve got a cabinet full of minerals. And a few shelves. Neat!

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