Do you ever get “closure”?

Today I sat through something I hope you never have to sit through. I listened to the man who broke into my house plead guilty to eight burglary charges. Mine being one of them.

I’ve reported on plenty of burglaries over the past ten years. This is the first time I’ve been on the other side of things. And it’s wretched.

A little background… In November, I came home from working an unplanned second shift to a wide open front door. I had a moment where I thought maybe the wind blew it open. But then I saw my TV was gone, as was most everything else in the entertainment center.

After spending several hours with the police determining how the burglar got in, what was taken, and what I could do next, I stayed at our friends’ house. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept seeing the front door and the living room the way I found it hours earlier. My dog was clearly upset, and together we were a mess.

Over the next few weeks I dealt with follow ups with the police, the insurance company, and my own insecurities.

It wasn’t until a month later that some of the “closure” people talk about started to come. A man down the street walked in on a guy breaking into his home. He chased him down, and caught him.

Today I found out this guy nearly immediately admitted to seven other break ins. He even took police around to the homes he broken into, telling them what he got where.

His explanation as to why he did all of this? He had started drinking again and was using Percocet.

Today the District Attorney’s Office announced what it suggests this guy get for a punishment — five years with all but one year suspended, and two years probation. Whether that’s what he actually gets remains to be seen. The judge has the final say, and the sentencing has not been scheduled yet.

My next step? Writing my victim impact statement. Perhaps that will give me more closure. We’ll see.


2 responses to “Do you ever get “closure”?

  1. I see this is slightly old (I never been on here before). Hope it is not inappropriate. I grew up in a run down old industrial city in southern Connecticut. When I was a kid the neighborhood was a safe place where my mother never really had to keep a close eye on me. As years passed, things got worse and crime was closing in. My parents divorced and my mother moved to her home state of Maine.

    I believe we started being robbed in 1987. It is hard to remember exactly, but we must have been robbed 9 times in a 4 year span, 3 of those times just after Christmas. I had the luck of discovering all but one of these robberies. The feeling of being powerless, and the fear of walking in on a robbery scared me to death. The last straw for me was one Christmas Eve we returned from a family members party to find the front door open. It didn’t look damaged, so we kind of thought like you wind blew it open. The burglar was still inside and he came after my father with a utility knife. He managed to cut my fathers neck by his ear. I moved to Maine that spring.

    The option of the very rural (especially at that time) Oxford area was very attractive to me. I felt safer. But I do believe it was a means of not dealing with what went down. 10 years ago I moved into Augusta and had a hard time at first as I felt those old feelings coming back. It took a while to get over them, but I did. I ended up back in Oxford briefly them moved to Indianapolis, which I don’t think I could have done in the past. Every once in a while I think “what if that door is open when I get home”, but it is rare. That trauma of having your space intruded upon never fully goes away. You just have to find a way to accept and live with the idea not everything is under our control. We can only try to prepare ourselves to do our best in the face pf such a situation.

    Sorry so long winded. Great blog BTW. Hope you enjoy Boston! I sure miss New England!

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