Thank you

This post is specifically to all of the people whom I have met over my time in Maine.  It’s hard to believe I have lived here for almost ten years.  It’s been quite a ride.

Over those ten years, I have had some huge milestones.  I met my husband.  I married my husband.  We got a dog.  We became an aunt and an uncle — to twins!  And then another!  I lived in five cities and towns within this great state, in three counties.  (Caribou — Aroostook; Bangor and Brewer — Penobscot; South Portland and Cumberland — Cumberland) 

I wrote a note to my co-workers today bidding them farewell.  In it, I wrote how I trudged through flood waters in York County, piloted boats in Cobscook Bay and Casco Bay, ridden the rails through Wiscasset, and broken ice on the Kennebec.  I also mentioned the amazing people I have met.

There was the little boy who battled cancer not once, but twice, and is doing great today.  The maple syrup producer who is the fifth generation to use buckets to collect sap in Kezar Falls.  The former school superintendent who is now blind, but loves to paint.  The basketball player from Easton who lost his arm in a farming accident, but still plays ball with a special new limb.

I am very excited for the new challenges in my life.  I am exceptionally excited to be back living in the same state as my husband.  But I will miss all of the people I’ve met here in Maine.

Thank you for your hospitality.  I’ll be sure to come back to visit.


5 responses to “Thank you

  1. Kara! I am so sad you are leaving. We have just met and our relationship has yet to bud, however I feel that a lasting impression of you will linger in my… well, you know. I hope the best for you in all your future plans and I wish the absolute best in everything you strive to do. Keep smiling and know in your heart that us few and proud individuals whos lives you have touched, no matter how small, will remember you forever.

    Paul ‘wid a P

  2. We’ll miss your smiling face on our television in the evenings, Kara! Best wishes to you and Scott!

  3. Kara: where are you going? Can you tell us?

  4. Kara, You will be misssed, not just by me but everyone, whose lives you have touched..You are ALWAYS welcome back….

  5. Kara, you will be missed! I wish you all the best in your new chapter of your life!! Our Red hat group will be taking the train to Boston in April, would be great to see ya if you have some time!! Good luck and don’t forget all your friends in Maine’)

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