Jason Mraz Goes To Bangor

I lived in Bangor for a combined five years, but it wasn’t until I moved four hours away that one of my favorite musical artists decided to take a trip there. Needless to say, when Jason Mraz announced he was playing the Bangor Waterfront, my husband and I immediately bought tickets.

We both scratched our heads as to *why* Mraz was coming to Bangor, but we weren’t going to question getting the chance to see him.

I saw him last summer when he played at the Today Show. (Thank you, Ryan Osborn.) He was incredible.

Here he is rehearsing:

But my brother, not my husband, went with me to that show. This would be my husband’s first Mraz show. And Jason didn’t let us down.

He opened with Lucky.

You’ll notice about a minute in the scenery starts to change. Well, when we bought our tickets, concert organizers ASSURED me that there was no pit and that the seats would be right up to the stage. I went ahead and bought seats — row H. Great — eight rows back from the stage.

Then we showed up and wouldn’t you know it, there was a pit and the seats started at least 40 yards from the stage. The area’s not huge, so it would be fine, but I was rather upset. And on top of it, the pit was maybe one-third full.

I’m guessing his crew saw how few people were in the pit and didn’t like it, because as soon as he took the stage, the rail at which we were standing opened up and we all flooded the stage.

Jason Mraz puts on an amazing concert. It’s not going to be anything like what Madonna or Lady Gaga or Pink would do, but you wouldn’t expect him to be that way.

Instead, it’s full of smooth grooves, sexy dancing and musical prowess. He’s a free spirit and it shows in his music.

A few musical interludes and he got right into it with a welcome launching into “Anything You Want.”

“Coyotes” was up next.

“Love For A Child” followed. “Who Needs Shelter” and “Best Of Both Worlds” then echoed through Bangor.

For “Not So Usual” he pulled Holly on stage and danced with her. There were plenty of jealous women in the audience. Probably a few men, too. Mraz surely can move his hips.

Jason Mraz dances with Holly from the audience

Jason Mraz pulled Holly from the audience to dance with him

“Butterfly” was next on the set list.

Mraz had what looked like plastic two liter soda bottles lining the back of his stage with lights flashing through them. When the next song came on, it also displayed the title.

“I’m Yours”

Jason Mraz On Bangor Waterfront

Jason Mraz sings "I'm Yours"

He managed to get a few new songs into the set including the next one. Because it hasn’t been released, it’s hard to know what he’s called it, but I noted it as “Living It Up.”

The next was also a new song, and I believe it’s called “Life Is Good.” In it he thanks the people throughout his life who have helped make him who he is. It’s a wonderful song that shows just how genuine he is.

Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone with me, and the point & shoot camera my husband had was losing its power, so the pictures we got weren’t great.

Jason Mraz on the Bangor Waterfront

Jason Mraz on the Bangor, Maine waterfront

Next up? “The Remedy.”

I think what makes his shows fun are the audience participation. Lots of call backs, as you hear in The Remedy… and others.

He closed out the first set list with a new one with which I have fallen in love.

“San Disco Reggaefornia”

I have tried to find as many performances of this one as I can, as I think it’s fabulous. It shows how easily he can go from a ballad to reggae and back again.

His first encore required more audience participation with some high fives and down lows. “The Dynamo of Volition” got the crowd moving again.

Mraz closed out the show with two covers — “The Freedom Song” and “All You Need Is Love.”

The show was amazing from start to finish. He has an amazing voice with range few others have.

We walked away smiling… and looking for ways to make it to more shows.

Were you there? Have you been to a subsequent show? What did you think?


One response to “Jason Mraz Goes To Bangor

  1. His vocal range and ability is elite. What he does with the latter is genius. I can still hear his voice.
    …and I will think of him forever…

    …every time I eat, smell, or see a cantaloupe. ❤

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