Moving Means Memories

My husband and I moved this weekend closer to our work places. It was a move a long time coming. He had been commuting for a year, me for six months. After lots of miles, hours in the car and tolls paid we’re closer to our offices.

Swollen fingers & broken nails

Moving involves not only a lot of physical work and broken nails, but a lot of mental power. There are a lot of decisions to be made while moving. Do you keep it? Do you donate it? Do you trash it?

Seriously, FIVE tool boxes?!

You don’t realize how much you have until you need to pack it all up and move it. For instance, WHY do I have FIVE tool boxes? Yes, one of them I’ve had since freshman year of college, and two are self-contained ratchet sets, but really, FIVE?

It also means uncovering a lot of memories. And not always good ones.

Why do I still have these? Where can I donate them?

For instance, my husband broke his ankle three years ago — badly. We still have his crutches and foot cast. (Why? And where can I donate them?)

But there are plenty of good memories, too. Wedding photo albums, sand from the beach in Corfu, a homemade set of ladder golf.

24 Kensington Parks Gardens

I also came across a luggage tag from many, many moons ago. It helped me find some life long friends. It’s a tag from when I studied in London. All of us had the same luggage tags in case anything got lost. But more so it made waiting in the airport easier because you could approach people with the question to which you already knew the answer. “Are you with the SU London program?”

Like I said, it helped me find some of my life long friends. They were my roommates in Oxford Circus and we shared an amazing time in our lives.

My body is now sore and I’m surrounded by boxes, but my heart is full of memories and I’m looking forward to making more. I just hope they’re not heavy.

Do you find yourself moving with more than you “should”?



4 responses to “Moving Means Memories

  1. I still have every single ticket stub, name tags, postcards, etc. from London!

  2. Kara, my husband is a packrat, and I live to get rid of stuff. He continues to accumulate, and I continue to donate things when he goes to conferences. (Really, I do.) It is RIDICULOUS the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated. I look at things as “just stuff” and he looks at everything as having some sort of special value. Gah. I guess, though, that for the universe to remain orderly, opposites in this area should attract to keep him off of Hoarders.

  3. Yes, you can donate the crutches! Check with a local senior center. 🙂

    Also, I moved 10 times between 1988-93, half of which were “real” moves. HATE IT.

  4. Loved this post ! I think one of the ONLY redeeming things about moving is the trip down memory lane that you’re forced to take. Thanks for sharing your memories..

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