When Social Media Pays Off

This winter we’re getting blasted with snow. We already have 50 percent more snow than a typical winter and it’s only the beginning of February. Needless to say people are a little sick of it. Add to that the rain we’ve received and lots of roofs in Massachusetts have given way, or look like they’re about to.

Many schools are on that list, and therefore classes have been cancelled for several days in order for crews to remove the snow from the roofs and declare the buildings safe.

On Monday night I happened to be on Twitter when I saw a friend of mine pitching a story to two other friends and a local television station. It looked a little something like this:

I wasn’t about to let these guys be the only ones to talk with Tyson about this. So I jumped in on the conversation and asked Tyson what more to the story there was.

He told me parents were begging to shovel the schools’ roofs so their children could go back to school. Some parents had even taken to Facebook joking about it.

We exchanged a couple of direct messages, and I then sent a few direct messages to WBZ-TV’s managing editor and one of its assignment editors. I told them just what Tyson had told me.

The next morning I walked into the editorial meeting just in time to hear, “Kara’s talked with some parents in Hamilton who are fed up with the number of school days they’ve had…”

I put Ron Sanders in touch with Tyson Goodridge and the rest, as they say, is history.

The story led the newscast at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. with Ron in Hamilton as crews behind him continued to shovel off the roofs. The parents and kids watched from home… getting ready for yet ANOTHER snow day.


4 responses to “When Social Media Pays Off

  1. That was very savvy of them – and you. Great story and good use of Twitter to go snag it!

  2. This type of thing is happening more and more for me…via Twitter. As I monitor reporter’s tweets…I can shape my organization’s message, dispel rumour or offer interview ops when appropriate. Social media is certainly changing the way PR pros operate with reporters/producers who are ‘plugged in’…

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