Hopes & Wishes For The Year Coming

A few weeks ago I read a fun blog post by Gradon Tripp. Gradon and I have met only once in real life, but I feel like I know him so much more because I follow him on Twitter.

Gradon was celebrating a birthday and wrote about the things he wanted to do and was anticipating in the coming year.

I put the idea in the back of my mind as my birthday was approaching. The past year has brought so many changes — moving from Maine, selling a house, no longer living with family, new job — and I know the year coming will bring more. The idea of looking ahead and making some goals really made me take a good look at my life now.

Well, today my day has arrived. And I am completely swiping this idea from Gradon. (Sorry, buddy. But imitation is the best form of flattery, right?)

So here’s my list, in no particular order, of things I want to see happen in the next 365 days:


  1. Give blood on a regular basis again
  2. Volunteer at least once a month
  3. Work out more (or at all)
  4. Visit new places — already have New Orleans and Florida on the list
  5. Meet more of my internet friends in real life
  6. Continue to build the relationships with people I first met on the internet — I’m looking at you, Rafat, Juli and Julia! — and the wonderful people who are still friends with me after all these years
  7. Send more handwritten notes
  8. Not eat at the same restaurant more than twice — there are too many good ones here to continue eating at the same places
  9. Try more new recipes — if you have any favorites, leave links in the comment section. Thanks!
  10. Get rid of some debt
  11. Save more
  12. Learn how to use my Mac better — been a PC girl all my life and love my Mac, but having a tough time with some of the transition
  13. Write more articles for work which make me proud
  14. Read more — as in books. I used to be a voracious reader, then life and technology got in the way. Need to get back to it.
  15. Try to get my dog to understand the mailman isn’t a bad person, or our neighbors, or their dogs. This will be a tough one.
  16. Find a bathroom cleaning fairy — ok, so that one isn’t likely going to happen, but it’s my birthday and my wishes.
  17. Be in front of change, not behind it
  18. Continue to expand my musical selections — thank you, Robyn!
  19. See more live music — French Horn Rebellion, Dispatch and NKOTBSB on the docket so far!
  20. Take and edit more video — I have so much fun doing this and I simply don’t do it enough.
  21. I hope to get some of the restitution owed to me from when my house was burglarized, though I’m not holding my breath on that one
  22. Visit more museums — like restaurants there are so many in this city!
  23. Become better acquainted with the city so that I can give better directions
  24. Learn other bus routes, not just the one that goes by our house
  25. Actually work on developing my business plan — sorry, that’s all you get on that one
  26. Explore more of my new state — especially during the summer!
  27. Watch Syracuse become national champions again
  28. Go to a Celtics game and a Patriots game
  29. Continue to surround myself with smart, innovative, fun people
  30. Visit my family on the west coast
  31. Donate more of the clothes that I never wear
  32. Love my husband and all of his quirks — yes, I already do this, but I promise to continue to do so
  33. Become a mom — no this is not an announcement, just a goal



3 responses to “Hopes & Wishes For The Year Coming

  1. Well, I’m delighted to get a shout-out in your list! And I owe you more music. Gotta get that done. I love your list and all of your goals. And I too am looking forward to NO! Happy birthday!

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