Secret Language

My husband and I have been together long enough that we often know what the other is going to say before the other says it. We also have a little bit of a secret language. I shouldn’t say secret, just ours.

We’ve also been together long enough for him to know that I can be cranky when first waking up and I often fall asleep on the sofa.

The other night I did just that. I curled up on the sofa and promptly fell asleep. My husband stayed up for a few more hours likely watching TV and playing video games.

At about 2 a.m. he decided to wake me so we could both go to bed. Like I said, I can be a little cranky when first waking. There were a few muttered, “No”s and maybe some hand waving. But he was persistent. (And he was right, I would be much more comfortable in bed rather than on the sofa.)

He probably only tried to get me up a couple of times, but I was sleepy and cranky and annoyed. So I picked up my phone and sent him a text. I have no idea why. I was tired. Maybe even a little asleep still. And because I was so tired my texting skills weren’t as good as if I were awake. So instead of sending him a text that said “STOP” it said “SYOP.”

He got it and laughed. And I got up and went to bed. The next morning he teased me incessantly about the text. “Do you want me to syop by the store?” “Should we syop for some ice cream?” Yes, it was funny. And yes, I saw the ridiculousness of A) sending him a text and B) my typo.

Already it’s become “ours.” If he does something I don’t want him to, I ask him to “syop.” And vice versa.

So, do you have a secret language or funny story you’d like to share? Please do!


One response to “Secret Language

  1. This is funny! My wife and I do the same thing. A few weeks ago, we were getting out of the car and she was talking to me…I wasn’t really listening, and just misunderstood what I thought she said, and said “Yup.”

    Turns out what she actually said was “I love you…”

    “Yup”, was my response.

    So these days, “Yup” is a pretty common response from either of us. We both look at each other, laugh, and leave everyone around us clueless, while they look at us like we’re insane…clearly, we are.


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