Good Comes Out Of Bad

Saturday, April 20, 2013 I awoke with joy. I was looking forward to spending as much of my day outside as possible.

Once the twins were awake and fed, I put them in the stroller and walked the mile to our local Target where a half dozen satellite trucks were still set up. We had seen video of the parking lot the day before and the lot was packed. But once Suspect #2 was captured, they scattered back to the bomb site, the hospital, and where the (alleged) bomber was found.

Not everyone had left, though. And there was one man in particular who was still there whom I was excited to see.

Chris Pollone (aka @ChrisPollone) and I connected via Twitter a couple of years ago. We’re both in news, we both went to Syracuse, and he grew up just outside of Boston. He is now living in New York City with his wife, and he is freelancing for NBC.

Before leaving the house, I packed some freshly baked brownies and apples for Chris and his team. It was the least I could do.

Chris had been putting in very long hours and was exhausted come Saturday, but still put on a smile when we showed up.

This story was tragic, but getting to meet Chris in person (finally) was one bright spot.

Chris Pollone, NBC News

Chris Pollone doing a live shot from in front of Watertown Mall.


One response to “Good Comes Out Of Bad

  1. I was so thrilled to finally meet you “IRL”, too… and the twins! Thanks for perking us up with some treats!

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