Is there room in New Hampshire for another TV station?


photo by Matthew Keefe

The Boston Globe took notice this week of a new player in New Hampshire. I worked with someone who is now at NH1 – which kind of sounds like VH1. She left her previous job several weeks ago to help start the station, but this week was the first broadcast.

What’s interested is that they built the station and its broadcasts before it built a website. (“An evening newscast launched this week, and a website is on the way,” writes Meg Heckman.) The station, which will also have a radio station and newsroom, does have a Facebook page and Twitter account (which, for the most part right now, post the same items). Short news blurbs, including mug shots and pictures from news conferences, were posted to these accounts well before the first broadcast. But the website is simply a landing page with links to those accounts.

In 2014, what does it mean to build a TV station that does not have a website? Is it okay to solely depend on Facebook and Twitter while the site is launched? If it was me, while all of those 120 employees were working to wire the former schoolhouse, learn the new equipment, and meet each other, I’d pull five or eight aside and have them working on a site that would have launched not just when the broadcasts started, but before then.


2 responses to “Is there room in New Hampshire for another TV station?

  1. I’m originally a New Hampshire native, and I for one am interested to see how well this new station is going to fare with WMUR in Manchester. Where in the state is this going to be, I wonder?

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