Attracting listeners to Instagram

I don’t often listen to popular music on terrestrial radio, but this afternoon my kids were asking for songs as we drove home, so I turned on a local station. Just as I did, I heard a DJ come on (do they still call them that) and started talking about drinks and a glass.

“Do you ever want a drink at night? And you’re searching for the right glass?”

I thought for sure it was an ad. But he kept going.

Romeo from Kiss 108 on Instagram

tvradioromeo on Instagram – screenshot

“I just found the coolest glass. I posted it on Instagram. Search for tvradioromeo. Check it out and let me know what you think.”

I have to admit, I had to Google his name again once I was home in order to recall it, but I looked. And it’s pretty cool.

Have you heard radio broadcasters do anything similar? What works best to get you to follow someone on social media?


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