WBZ lets veteran reporters go

I was shocked and disappointed to read that WBZ-TV in Boston has not renewed the contracts of Joe Shortsleeve, Sera Congi, and Michael Rosenfield. Shortsleeve has been with the station for 24 years, earning him the title chief correspondent. Congi has been there just shy of 10 years. Rosenfield has not been there as long as the other two, but he was the New Hampshire bureau reporter.

I worked at WBZ for some time as a web producer and have maintained friendships and contact with several people I met while there. (I was always excited to tell people I worked with Jack Williams – as I had grown up watching him and even framed his autograph which I got when I met him as a senior in high school.) Getting to work at a place I watched for so long was really awesome.

I have seen this a lot in my time in the industry. A new news director is hired, there are a lot of moves, many people either leave on their own or find themselves looking for one, and the decks are reshuffled. It’s no fun, and morale for those who remain suffers.

I know these three will do okay and find themselves in a good position, but it’s still tough to see this happen to former co-workers.


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