Snap! Using Snapchat for news

icon courtesy Snapchat

icon courtesy Snapchat

As of the end of August, according to its own statistics, Snapchat had 100 million active monthly users. Granted, that’s no where near the 1.3 billion active monthly users Facebook reported at the end of July. But 100 million is still no small number.

There are lots of industries trying to figure out how it can capitalize on this audience. It’s an engaged audience that’s seeking individual connections. Snapchat is different than other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram because it feels one-to-one. Sure Snapchat can send out a story to all of its followers, but it can also send out individual messages meant solely for the individual receiver.

How can news outlets use this new platform? It’s still being determined, but at the recent Online News Association conference, Masuma Ahuja, digital editor of The Washington Post, talked about what he has seen and how it’s been effective.

Poynter took the time to take Ahuja’s presentation and cut it into bite-size pieces. I won’t rewrite it all here, but some snip its to keep in mind:

  • keep it short
  • keep it visual
  • keep it engaged/engaging

Would you follow a news organization on Snapchat? How would you suggest it be used in a newsroom?


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