Taking data visualization to a new level

This afternoon I saw a tweet that said something to the effect of, “This new OK Go video shows why every journalist should have a drone.” Because I am in a program in which a faculty member has purchased a drone, I kept it in mind to look at later.

Tonight I was able to watch it, and oh my goodness…

First of all, it’s all one shot. That in itself is amazing. But the entire thing is shot with a drone. And as for data visualization, watch to the end and see how well they took a concept and executed it with dozens of people. (Maybe I should count just how many are in that closing sequence, because it’s amazing.)

I could definitely see this being a way a journalist showed how something like Ebola spread – take one person, spread it to another, put the drone higher in the sky and keep broadening the circle. But it really could be anything, Ebola is just an easy go-to topic these days.

But I’ll stop blabbering and just let you watch for yourself. Enjoy!


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