What one-man-banding looks like in 2014

My friend, and fellow journalist, Chris Pollone posted this on Instagram and Facebook the other day. I have a lot of thoughts, as did the people commenting. I pointed out that if she’s going to do that, at least hold the camera at eye level or higher. The angle she has it at there will give her a double chin. There were a lot of people simply saying, “No.” And there was one person who, after Pollone posted the link to this young woman’s piece, pointed out the reporter’s audio was too hot.

Personally, I’m surprised there aren’t more one-man-bands. It’s not something just from the 2010s; this industry had one-man-bands for a long time. But back then instead of carrying an iPhone, selfie stick, and Go Pro camera, a reporter had to lug a 3/4″ deck and a 50 pound camera.

Here’s a link to what this young woman put together. What do you think?


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