Who’s following whom at the NYT

I wish I could remember how I got tipped off to this, but here’s a link to the 1,000 most followed Twitter accounts from people who are listed as New York Times staff. It was created by Tyler Pearson, whose Twitter profile says he’s a “web developer and occasional designer…Recovering political campaign addict.”

It’s an interesting look at how insular it is at the top and then how it starts to branch off. Even a lot of the ones at the top, you have to figure Times staff started following those folks because they were at the Times. Now they have moved on to other projects, like Jim Roberts and Bill Keller, but there’s still a reason to follow them – maybe even more so now.

As you continue to scroll down you see other organizations and news outlets popping up. Whether they’re being watched for competitive reasons or perhaps the staff that’s following those accounts worked there before is unclear, but it does show how much journalists follow each other.

There’s nothing hard hitting here, but it is neat to review and count how many of these accounts you follow.



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