NPR and the Kardashians

NPR and the Kardashians are not two names that you might expect to see together. But Melody Kramer of NPR wrote a compelling article today about how the Kardashians are winning the internet – or at least social media.

Looking at it from a business aspect, Kramer broke down how the famous – infamous? – family uses every branch of its family tree to promote its brand, which happens to be its name. It’s a tangled web they weave, but they are doing it so well that they’re making money hand over fist.

Kramer makes great points that can be translated to how media companies should look at their content. There’s the idea that if you’re doing something big, have everyone on your team promote it. Now, I have seen a few instances of this where it becomes obnoxious, but mostly because everyone is doing the same thing. They all have the same message, on the same platform, at generally the same time.

What Kramer points out that the Kardashians do well is split up the work, make all the posts different, and post at different times. Not everyone is looking at your feed at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and they may miss the post if that’s the only time it’s there. It’s a fairly obvious point, but an easy one to overlook.

Another point that Kramer makes is “go into your archives.” The ever-so-popular “TBT” (Throwback Thursdays) can be a great time to pull out content previously posted. It doesn’t have to be from “back in the day,” simply not today. Heck, it could be yesterday if it’s something to which you want to drive traffic.

Kramer has a few other points, and you should really take a moment to read it yourself. It’s not everyday you’re going to see NPR and Kardashians on the same page.


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