He’s ba-a-a-a-ck!

Keith Law, the baseball writer from ESPN, who had been suspended from Twitter by his employer, is back. And his first tweet is a doozy.

Quoting Galileo in his first tweet back, Law puts back on the table what ESPN apparently tried to take off – a conversation about science.

Translated, the quote says, “And yet it moves.” The story is that Galileo supported Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory that the Earth orbits the sun. Galileo was brought before a Roman Court and found guilty of heresy. After receiving his sentence of house arrest, Galileo looked to the sky and muttered those three words.

In writing them in his first tweet back, Law not only shows he’s a well-read man, but that he’s not going to back down from his stand against fellow ESPN baseball contributor Curt Schilling. Interestingly, Schilling was never suspended for his tweets.

After I posted the original story about Law’s suspension, I heard from my professor, a Red Sox loving, hard-nosed journalist. He wrote, “You ask if an employer can stop an employee from tweeting. I actually think what happened was more pernicious than that. Journalists are required to tweet, and are then hung out to dry the minute they exercise poor judgment. It’s really unfair.”

It will be interesting to see if ESPN ever makes a statement on the whole situation, or if supervisors there hope it can just go away.


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